Summer Protection

In my never-ending quest to lighten the chemicals in our lives, I’ve found some great sun and insect protection.  It took a few tries to find a natural insect repellent that we liked. Most either didn’t do the job or smelled awful.  Burt’s Bees was effective but the spray bottle was way too messy (so I had to keep it in a plastic bag) and the odor was a bit noxious.  Because of the mess, I kept trying.  We, also, tried Buzz Away Extreme but couldn’t handle the smell.  This year, I found BabyGanics Natural Insect Repellent.  It’s DEET-free, petroleum-free, and the bottle stays clean.  The herbal smell is low key so Boe doesn’t mind getting sprayed with it.BabyGanics Insect Repellent & Nature's Gate Sunscreen

For sunscreen, I was looking for something that was fragrance-free and without sodium benzoate (which can be a problem for some people and we think this is true for Boe).  This was proving impossible; as I’ve been looking for this since Boe was a baby.  Finally, I found Nature’s Gate kid’s block.  It’s fragrance-free and paraben-free so I don’t feel bad about slathering it on him.  I always have it on hand.


  • I’ve been wanting to research a “chemical-free” sunscreen as we’re out in the sun so much. Thanks again for doing the research for me!

    Is this sunblock waterproof?

    We’ve used REPEL lemon eucalyptus spray and it works when nothing else does. However, it does have a strong smell. We’ll look for the BabyGanics. Do you find it at Target or the Grocery Store?

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