Saying Goodbye to Lulu

I bought Saying Goodbye to Lulu by Corinne Demas in preparation for the day that Boe’s favorite dog, Francine, leaves us. She is almost 20 years old, mostly deaf and blind, and has kidney disease so I thought introducing the idea by way of a picture book would be a good thing.

The book is well written without being wordy. It begins by telling us about Lulu in her old age and has flashback moments throughout the story. The illustrations by Ard Hoyt are detailed and realistic with facial expressions being spot-on (for Lulu and the family). Boe comments alot on facial expressions in any book that we read so this is an important aspect to me.

I was caught off guard by how close to Francine’s story this story is so, NTS, I needed a tissue by page 2. The last time this happened was the first time that I read Love You Forever by Robert Munsch and left twenty 3-year-olds a bit confused as I handed the book to another teacher to finish. Although, this time, I didn’t have anyone to finish the story for me so I struggled through it. Boe offered another tissue. Apparently, I need this book more than he does.

Advice: read the story through by yourself beforehand if the subject tends to make you emotional.

A must-have for any child with a pet, especially a dog.


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