Caterpillar Big Trucks and Diggers Matching Game

Why I love this game:

Boe loves this game
It’s easy to travel with
The playing pieces are extremely sturdy (he hasn’t bent one yet)
The pictures are of actual vehicles and parts
Colors are vibrant
Multiple age level play
It’s educational (for both of us)
It’s a terrific price

It’s your classic matching game but with a twist for the young truck fan in your life.

I introduced this to Boe at about 2.5 yo. The box says 3yo and he hadn’t yet grasped the concept of matching but he was so interested in trucks that I thought we could do something with it. At that time, we used it more for identification of colors (matching just the background colors of the cards was good enough, early on) and he had fun looking at all the different construction trucks and heavy equipment.
When he got proficient with that, we kicked it up a notch and he began matching the exact cards. There are 72 cards so we never use all of them. When we went to “level 2” and began playing by the rules, I picked out the cards with items that were really relevant to him – stop sign, tire, traffic cone, and a few of the vehicles that he could already identify. We usually used about 12 cards in a game.
Now, that he knows more heavy equipment vehicles, I’ve begun introducing those and a few new ones.
He is into matching all sorts of things so he really enjoys this game. We practice letter recognition with these cards, as well. He usually makes it through 3 or 4 games before he’s ready to move onto something else.
The box is a good size for travel and, like the cards, is sturdy.

Wikki Stix Wonders!

This was Boe's first attempt at Wikki Stix

I learned about Wikki Stix from a post on  These things are terrific!  They are great for a special toy while traveling, for quiet time at home or when you can’t find a Real Kid-Friendly restaurant. :-)  They can be used again and again.  Boe thinks they’re great, too.  I can get at least 15 minutes of “sit time” with him when we play with these. We bought the bulk pack – that should get us through the summer.

Little Tikes Mulching Lawnmower

This toy is the one that has expended more of Boe’s energy. Our driveway is a little less than 1/4 mile and he will push this at a run the length of it and back! As with his shopping cart, it has been rammed into trees, flipped, thrown, watered, covered in dirt and it is still intact and fully-functioning. It makes a clicking noise when pushed (it’s supposed to do that) and it is music to my ears – it means that naptime will go easily that day.
It has some knobs and even these have lived through Boe’s unusual strength (he’s broken a metal curtain tie-back off the wall – screws and metal base still attached to wall and he hands me the remainder of my tie-back). I am extremely impressed with Little Tikes toys.

Little Tikes Mulching MowerDress Up Games & Pretend Play)

Non-toxic teethers

These are Boe’s “chewies”. He has 3 types: wooden, rubber, and silicon. He prefers the rubber giraffe and the silicon triangle to the maple ring. I was so happy to find these. I had checked into teething jewelry, also but I’m not much of a jewelry person so I decided to go with these instead. I learned from my “Smart Mama” book that most of the infant teethers are not as safe as they could be. Since Boe has not outgrown the mouthing stage, these are a necessity for us.

Step 2 Shopping Cart

This is one of our favorite outside toys. It is Boe-proof. It is wonderful!
It has taken all of his abuse. It has been rammed into trees, flipped and thrown, it stays out in the weather and it is still in one piece. It is played with mostly in the sand and dirt and the wheels still roll.
This was not a toy that he got and played with for a few days. He has been pushing this around for almost 2 years – and we bought it used. If it ever gets backed into by a car (as did his other favorite outside toy – his wagon), I will invest in another one.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Fruit Set

Mr. On-The-Go will sit down and focus on this for long periods of time (about 15 minutes). He loves to cut the fruit and “pretend” to eat it. I love that it’s non-toxic being that “pretending” to Boe still means putting it in his mouth. He got this as a gift from his aunt whose two boys both enjoy playing with the set they have. So, it’s not just a girl toy.
It’s also a great way to introduce fraction terms. :-)

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Cutting Fruit CrateCooking and Baking Kits)