Graco Traveling Potty Seat

I got one of these from a friend who thought it was the greatest thing. She was right. It’s small (it folds up – I keep ours in a resealable plastic bag in my Boe Bag) and immensely helpful (no little tushie falling into the big potty).
You know the whole pooping-with-a-kid-in-a-public-restroom scene? He HAS to go now! Rush to the nearest restroom, find an open stall (thank goodness), straddle yourself over him and the potty, holding, holding, arms getting tired, he’s singing or talking about what other people are doing in their stalls, “Jr., do you think you’re almost finished, sweetie?”, more talking about the other bathroom attendees, arms hurting more, “Jr., go ahead and hold yourself up for a minute” (put your hands on the potty – ugh), “Oh, wait! Don’t let go! Ohhhhhhh”. Ring a bell?
That’s why I love this thing. We don’t have that scenario.
I plop it down. I plop him down. And we have a nice conversation about, what else, what the other attendees are doing in their stalls. My arms aren’t hurting and he hasn’t fallen into the potty.

We’ve used this enough to make it waaaaay worth the $ (if I’d had to buy it). Graco did good :-)


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